Our Services

We specialise in providing Immigration Law advice in the way that suits you best!


Accessing advice is easy. whether you want it face to face, on the telephone or online we can assist.

Face to Face.

Drop in to one of our main offices between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday where we offer all new clients a 15 minute free assessment of your needs.

If you would like to arrange a specific appointment time and date just call 0844 8112147 or 0191 4777728 or email and we will arrange an appointment for you at your nearest office.

If you need us to travel to see you in a different location just ask us!

One off advice.

Want to do some of the work yourself particularly with more straight forward applications and just want a helping hand along the way... at the start, during or at the end then take a look at our Pay As You Go services giving you the choice to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Online Advice

As part of our commitment to the innovative delivery of legal services and our desire to provide you with the advice you need in the most convenient and speedy way possible we also provide advice via email. Just ask send us some details of your query, ask the question and we will respond asap.

Telephone Advice.

Need some one off advice on the phone? Just give us a ring!

Agency work and Advice to other Advisers.

Need some cover in a local court? We provide agency work anywhere in the North of England and Yorkshire including Immigration Courts at Bradford and North Shields.

Specialise in another area of law but need some immigration advice? We provide one off or ongoing advice to assist other advisers in your office, our office, via email or telephone. This has proved invaluable to advisers particularly in Criminal matters where a conviction could give rise to deportation proceedings.